What is it?

Black Heron is the only smoked pisco in the world. A triple distillate aged in oak, of pure origin and rebellious heart.

Made in the highlands of the Limarí Valley from Muscat grapes, its aroma and flavor are a perfect harmony of fruit, wood and smoke.

With a bright amber color, its soft smoky notes stand out, obtained from contact with noble wood smoke. French barrels add toast, honey and hazelnuts. While the triple distillation of copper and firewood brings out hints of orange and ripe peaches from the wine. Black Heron is intense and silky on the palate, dry and slightly itchy that agitates the senses as it slowly fades into the smoke.

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Unveil the mystery that the smoke covers over the Black Heron barrels.


Gran Pisco Black Heron

Its elaboration is inspired by the fire that destroyed most of its distillery house, Pisquera de Tulahuén, in 1924. This unfortunate accident became a golden opportunity for the factory, as it left behind a small batch of smoked liqueurs. These became a legend that was passed from generation to generation. In the 21st century, this myth was transformed into the Pisco Black Heron, establishing itself as the first smoked grape distillate in the world.

How do you enjoy it?

Gran Pisco Black Heron is sugar-free and non-fiery, a perfect distillate to drink on its own, with a little ice or a stream of water. But it is also ideal for use in cocktails.